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Software Developer living in Barcelona

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Latest blog entries

Java 9 Process API

Java 9 will come with interesting features. Here is a quick review of the new Java 9 Process API.

Android 3D Model Viewer Open Source

So finally I decided to publish my 3D model Viewer android app on the Google Play Market :) This app is about drawing 3D objects in android using OpenGL ES 2.0; and its Open Source as my other projects, so people can either contribute, start a similar project based on that or just learn how to do it by looking at the source code.


I am absolutely convinced that helping other people and sharing knowledge is the fastest way to grow as a community. I also believe that "reinventing the wheel" is a waste of energy, so I share all my work that I found useful to the outside world.

These are my current contributions:

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Open Source Projects

Again... I am absolutely convinced that sharing the work that is already done, is the fastest way to evolve. From my point of view, I believe that the copyright should only mean the "reconnaissance of the artist" and not serve as basis for the capitalism.

These are the projects I'm working most actively:

github icon google-drive-ftp-adapter github icon android-3D-model-viewer github icon springJeeApps ascii-editor


I don't think official certifications certifies actually that a person has knowledge about a certain matter, but I consider it as a good starting point for other people to start trusting you; at least because it means there is a lot of work behind it.

These are my current certifications:

springsource logo Spring 3.0 Professional java logoOracle Java 6 Programmer java logoOracle Jee 6 Architect

Work Experience

More than 12 years of experience working as analist / programmer building applications and Java/Jee architectures, allowed me to establish myself as an expert on the subject.

I think my best skill is that of being capable of seeing everything in it's more abstract form; that's why I like to design everything as APIs & frameworks.

In my linked in profile you can find personal recommendations as well:

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Politically Incorrect

Besides my passion for my job, I would also like to share my thoughts about our world... but for this you gonna have to wait til I make some free time to write it ;)